Active Salt Active Salt


  • After the success of Topline Natural Salt, we realized the need to customize salts for maximum consumer benefits.
  • We developed a mineral rich salt brand that would help consumers face today’s fast paced and competitive world head on.
  • We are proud to introduce our premium salt Topline Activ Natural Salt, rich in calcium magnesium and other essential minerals that keeps people active throughout the day.
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Iron Salt Iron Salt


  • Iron deficiency is becoming increasingly prevalent today. And its primary target are children.
  • They need special nutrients to combat this deficiency and to face the world with its challenges.
  • So, we have developed Top Line Iron plus, an iron and iodine fortified with more minerals salt.
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Health Salt Health Salt


"A Super Salt to boost your health"

  • Adults today lead very busy lives.
  • Workload, stress, tension and unhealthy life styles have led to high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Keeping this is mind, we developed a mineral rich salt with low sodium content for people who are health conscious or who suffer from high blood pressure.
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Top Salt Top Salt


"A Super Salt to increase your fitness"

  • After gaining expertise, we launched our own consumer brand in 2007.Topline Natural Salt.
  • A salt produced through natural processes rich in nutrient content.
  • It is number 1 in rural and number 2 in urban Maharashtra.
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